Data Sciences Corporation has built a strong brand identity within our customer base by leveraging next generation infrastructure technology underpinned by world-class services. Over the past eight years, this strategy has helped create a successful business model, which has allowed to grow our customer and technology base to maintain relevance within an ever changing market dynamic.

As we continue to innovate and better understand our customers challenges, it has become apparent that business is demanding more agile solutions, which leverage cloud benefits for both on-prem and off-prem consumption. The key concept underpinning this is that business wants to purchase, consume and retire technologies “as-a-service” rather than continuing with the traditional model of ownership. Whether our customers want to consume infrastructure, database or applications as a service, they are looking towards innovative partners like ourselves to assist them on this journey into new operating models. 

After several years of research and listening to our customers we have developed a product which we believe will greatly assist our customers in transforming their technology requirements to meet their business needs. The team has been hard at work over the past 3 years ensuring that we can deliver a Platform-as-a-Service offering that our customers can simply and easily consume both on-prem and off-prem in a cost effective manner. Further to this, we have heavily invested in this product’s development through time and money and hard work to ensure that when we launch this product, it will be ready for production workloads.

Therefore, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of OXIDE as our first “Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service” offering to our customers. We believe that OXIDE will dramatically transform our customers’ infrastructure, database and application delivery model making them more agile and cloud-centric.

What is OXIDE PaaS (Platform as a Service)?

OXIDE leverages next-generation technologies, which gives customers a simple and cost-effective way to procure, consume and dispose of technology. Further to this, OXIDE offers our customers consumption elasticity based on the current and future business requirements for Production and DevOps workloads in a simple and easy way, making their business more operationally and cost efficient. Whether its technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, PHP, Java, WordPress, Ruby or “as-a-Service” models for Infrastructure, Container, Platform or Database then OXIDE is the one-stop-shop solution for all of our customers.

At Data Sciences we believe that OXIDE will truly help customers to transform into a cloud-ready and cloud-based business model in the most simple and cost effective way. Whether customers opt for an on-prem delivery approach or leverage our cloud enabled platform, Data Sciences will always be there to tailor a solution based on their specific business needs.

If you want to learn about the connection between Data Sciences Corporation and OXIDE, please visit OXIDE Platform as a Service and afterwards, start your free 14-day trial on the OXIDE Platform.